Changing lives one ID at a time.



Over 21 million Americans lack the ID they need to live full lives. At Project ID, we help members of our communities obtain the IDs they need for jobs, housing, health care, and, most importantly, identity.


Why IDs?

Most of us take IDs for granted, but without one life becomes a series of challenges. Without ID it is almost impossible to obtain legal employment, to find housing, or even needed medical care. At Project ID, we work every day to help the most vulnerable members of our communities obtain the little card that changes lives.



ids obtained

In less than two years, Project ID has obtained over 1,000 IDs across the country.


Project id states

PID operates in twelves states and growing. Visit the states tab above to find your state.


average id cost

Project ID pays all of the fees required to obtain an ID. Help us change someone’s life today. Help us get an ID today!


Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with Project ID. Click below to find out if you live in one of our twelves states. We are always looking for great volunteers! If not, please follow and share us on social media and make a donation below!


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